Let’s Get Cooking

Let's Get Cooking by Rebuilding MaconIT COMES AS NO SURPRISE that Rebuilding Macon has produced Let’s Get Cooking, a cookbook featuring over a dozen of Macon’s best restaurants. The volunteers and staff of Rebuilding Macon work year ’round to rehabilitate the homes of low-income homeowners, so they really know how to build up healthy appetites that appreciate delicious meals! Some of Macon’s most gifted chefs and cooks have generously contributed their recipes for this beautiful, full-color cookbook.

THE SAME GOODNESS of people that has created our beautiful Let’s Get Cooking is the identical kindness that insures the success of Rebuilding Macon. For almost two decades, dedicated volunteers have built homes, lives, and communities by helping their neighbors.

The money raised by Let’s Get Cooking will help build wheelchair ramps, replace roofs, paint homes and so much more. Give Let’s Get Cooking to your friends and family to help rebuild Macon. Many hearts will be touched—especially your own!