Sponsorship Levels

Community-Wide Sponsor $5,000

As a Community-Wide Sponsor, your logo will appear on signage and volunteer T-shirts, and on Rebuilding Macon’s homepage. You will be named in press releases and in the editorial copy of the Rebuilding Macon newsletter and on our Facebook page. You will be introduced at the kick-off breakfast and press briefing for Macon Rebuilding Day.

Neighborhood Sponsor $2,500

As a Neighborhood Sponsor, your name will be listed in press materials, on Rebuilding Macon’s website, newsletters, T-shirts, and on our Facebook page. Your name will be on signage at the sponsored home.

Home Sponsor $1,000

As a Home Sponsor, your name will be listed in the Rebuilding Macon newsletter, on our Facebook page, and on our volunteer T-Shirts.


Benefits at every sponsor level

  • One-Day Commitment: Offers a limited time investment for most volunteers.

  • Hands-On Experience: Satisfies the need to do something concrete to directly benefit both the individual and the community.

  • Making a Difference: Allows volunteers to see and feel the significant difference their work makes in someone’s life.

  • Increases Understanding: Volunteers gain a better understanding of local housing needs and contribute to their solution.

  • Builds Camaraderie: Volunteers join in friendship with neighborhood residents, crossing community boundaries.

  • Enhances Group Identity: Provides a rare opportunity for team building and bonding within the sponsor’s example of community leadership.

  • Significant Exposure: Focuses the community’s attention on neighbors helping neighbors, in a one-day blitz in the barn-raising tradition.

  • Leverages Donations: Effectively quadruples sponsorship dollars through in-kind community donations of labor and materials.

  • Community Pride: Renews the pride of low-income homeowners and encourages revitalization of their neighborhoods.

  • Unique Partnerships: Enables all segments of the community to work together to improve living conditions throughout the neighborhood.

  • Community Development: Empowers neighborhoods through their continued participation in the annual event.